Figmentum Ensemble 

Figmentum. A thing formed, devised – an invention. Figmentum seeks to go beyond the conventional boundaries of contemporary art music, exploring repertoire for alternative instruments and uncommon sounds.


Figmentum is more than a performing ensemble. We are a unique collective of composers, writers, builders and more. We aim to create – music, instruments, ideas, and community. We seek to educate and engage with those around us through performances and events. We call San Diego our home.


A Figmentum event may be at a coffee house in North Park, a museum Downtown, or even a bookstore by the beach in Del Mar. Toy pianos – pink, red, and black – may find their way onto our stage. Newly-constructed instruments might make their debut. Our performances seek to engage with the community, to be an integral part of San Diego’s culture.



Daria Binkowski

Kyle Rowan

Ania Sundstrom